Fitness and the Workplace for Small Businesses




Small business owners tend to be very busy people. Sometimes being busy means performing a lot of physical activities; but sometimes it means standing on one’s feet all day working at a counter, spending hours driving around from location to location, or sitting at a computer most of the day and into the evening. Being busy, unfortunately, does not necessarily translate into a healthy life style for busy small business owners and their employees.

Fitness involves the ability to perform physical activities related to daily life found, for example, in work, leisure, and sports. It is closely related to general health and is supported by certain types of exercise, good nutrition and adequate rest.  Thinking about this in the context of workplaces, we might add to the list of supporting factors good ergonomics in the work environment and measures that achieve injury prevention.

Many small business owners have only a handful of employees, if they have any at all; and they depend on these people, and they themselves, being able to work. So for obvious reasons, their own personal fitness and that of their employees can be enormously important for the smooth running of their businesses.

In addition, a company culture that encourages fitness can improve morale and productivity – boons for everyone!

Fitness Tips for Work

  • Pay attention to posture, form, and safety considerations
  • Avoid sitting or standing in the same position for prolonged periods
  • Reduce unnecessary driving
  • Walk or bike to and from work or meetings
  • Invite people to go on walking meetings
  • Walk, swim, or take an exercise class at lunch
  • Avoid eating lunch at the desk
  • Take stretching breaks throughout the day
  • Keep healthful snacks and beverages around
  • Select healthful meals at work meetings
  • Use standing desks or ergonomic desks and chairs
  • Remember that being busy doesn’t equal cardio activity
  • Keep reasonable work hours
  • Recognize the importance of rest and relaxation

Since small businesses are often so dependent on the health and fitness of their owners and their employees, we encourage you to take care! Even a few changes can make a difference.

To say that there are a lot of books and articles out there on the topic of fitness would be a gross understatement!  Here, however, are a few articles that I found to useful in writing this post:

Fit for Work

3 Ways Staying Physically Fit Can Boost Your Work Performance 

Exercise May Make You a Better Worker

How to Get Your Employees Into Fitness


Laurie Pieper, Ph.D.

Business Advisor

Washburn University

Kansas SBDC


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