Social Media for Brick & Mortar Businesses

Now more than ever, people will research a business online before they set foot inside the store. It is for this reason that it is imperative small businesses maintain an active and engaging online presence. The problem is, many small businesses are struggling to properly utilize social media for their brick and mortar store.

One of the issues I’ve encountered is small business owners who feel the need to be on four or more social media platforms. This isn’t necessarily a problem if there is an employee at the business who can maintain activity on all these platforms, but more often than not, the owner is attempting to manage all these platforms on their own…while also running the business, balancing the finances, restocking inventory, and so much more.

The good news is that you don’t need to stretch yourself thin on multiple platforms. It’s not about quantity – it’s all about the quality. Actively engaging on one or two platforms can be far more effective than poorly managing three or more platforms.

If you’re feeling stuck on developing a social media strategy, below is an infographic that
can give all entrepreneurs a basic guide on social media for brick and mortar retailers.


Mindy Lee
Advisor/Marketing Coordinator
Washburn University
America’s SBDC

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