TrenDesks: Trending Toward More Healthful Work Spaces


TrenDesks™ and accessories are ergonomically-designed standing desk furniture by SunField, LLC of Manhattan, KS.

Shane Feng was inspired to create TrenDesks™ after being bothered by neck problems that developed after several years of working in a traditional office environment.  Hunching over a desk most of the day, Shane found that he frequently needed to take breaks to stand up or walk around. Then he read about standing desks. He thought about just building one for himself; but building an adjustable standing desk is more complicated than he had initially thought. To come up with a design that he was truly happy with, Shane needed to apply knowledge from his manufacturing background, talk with physical therapists and study good ergonomic design.


Shane became passionate about designing a desk that allowed people to use good posture both when working at the desk and also while adjusting it, that allowed people to have a functionally-sized work area with accessories that accommodated modern technology, and that was sturdy and stable. From inspiration to actualization, the design and manufacturing processes took about a year. Shane was able to take advantage of his family’s manufacturing company and his personal background in business, in order to get his products made so that SunField was able to go to market with the desks and accessories this autumn.


This first desk model, E-1, is just the beginning. Shane’s vision for TrenDesks™ is that the company will be a major part of the trend of toward more healthful office environments. He wants to help bring about more comfortable, functional, productive work areas for anyone who works in an office or at a desk.Desk2

As a college student in China, Shane knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and also that he wanted to attend graduate school in the U.S. Reflecting on his decision to attend K-State and ultimately to start his business in Manhattan, Shane feels blessed. “I have such good people here in Manhattan – caring people, advising me and connecting me with resources – that, as a Christian, my faith makes me feel like God must have led me to this place.”

Shane stared working the WU KSBDC after meeting Trent Armbrust (Director of Economic Development for Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce) and me at an event. He says that in working with the SBDC advisors and Trent, he really feels like we understand what it is like to be in his shoes as a business owner and he appreciates our willingness to use our knowledge and resources to help him on a variety of issues such as business planning, working with investors, marketing and facilities.

As for advice to someone interested in starting a business, Shane says to think of the Chinese saying, A thousand miles begin with a single step. If you want to get started you can’t just talk about it or think about it, you have to take the first step and look not just at your dream for the future but also at what you can do today. Work hard and stay positive.

Congratulations, Shane, on your new line of standing desks and accessories!

Laurie Pieper, Ph.D.

Business Advisory


America’s SBDC Kansas

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