Are You Paying Attention? Google Analytics – And How The WUKSBDC Can Help.

For illustration’s sake, let’s say that you own a used car lot. What could you know about me when I walk into your sales space through the front door? Maybe you look out the door and see what I’m driving, you see what I’m wearing, you obviously notice my gender, my age, you might be able to judge my interest, and possibly how hard I am trying to avoid you. However, there are many things you cannot discover without getting to know me and my story. You don’t know what I like, you don’t know my budget, you don’t know about my family etc. The point is, we can assume all that we want about how our online presence and how our customers like it by how we see their surface interactions but we will be missing out on a ton of information that is crucial to business growth. The question is, are you paying attention?

There is a ton of information available, but don’t get bogged down. If nothing else, focus on a few metrics: bounce rate, acquisition overview, and exit pages.

Bounce Rate

Google defines a bounce as “a single-page session on your site.” This is especially important to those who have websites that depend on users to navigate past their home page. If users are coming, looking at the home page and leaving, then there is obviously some type of problem that needs to be investigated further.

Acquisition Overview

How are people getting to your site? Like most organizations, I am sure you are running multiple marketing campaigns to drum up business and most of them have some type of link or call towards your website. Are you measuring if these are successful? Are users finding your business via organic search, if not, do you want them to? These types of questions can be answered here.

Exit Pages

Where are people leaving and is it where you want them to be leaving. This can be huge for those who are running E-commerce websites. Track your customers through the sales funnel, if they are leaving at a particular stage in the check out series, figure out why.

What’s the best part?

We can help. If you need assistance setting up Google Analytics or have questions about your reporting give set up free one-on-one consulting by calling (785) 234-3235 or email


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