Cutting Through The Noise

Modern marketing is interesting. While many people will argue that it’s evolving and becoming technologically advanced, it still usually rests on the tenants of impressions and exposure at its roots. 4,000 ads a day, that’s what most sources will say the average American is exposed to. Our brains bombarded via airwaves, billboards, display ads and the like. So, what are we to do?

If you think about it personally, how many advertisements do you pay attention to or actually care about? How many mailers do you receive and throw directly in the trash? How many times to you sigh heavily and roll your eyes when the ad interrupts your “lit” Pandora run of songs?

What can we do to cut through the noise? What can your brand do to be different? In my professional opinion, we need to be more relational and less transactional. Let me explain.

We are more connected than we have ever been, but studies show (especially in teenagers) that we are lonelier than we’ve ever been. This is because, from a biological perspective, the digital connection is not the same as a face-to-face connection. Different bonds are made, different emotions are understood, and we lose a lot in the digital world. Because of this, people, your customers, are craving relationships.

So, our marketing needs to reach out to our customers in a way that connects to them personally and emotionally, not just in a way that is striving for their wallet. We need to show them that our organizations value them, that we want to improve their lives, that they are truly important to us. Without your customer, you don’t exist.

The problem with this approach is that there isn’t a silver bullet or a right answer. I don’t have a five-step process for you to follow or a strategy for you to implement. I would, however, ask you to just try to think about it. Change your perspective and start thinking about your customers differently.


Collin Billau
Marketing Consultant
Google Adwords and Analytics Certified

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