Weather Events Preparedness & Business Continuity


Recent Kansas weather, and upcoming forecasts for our region, are reminders that it is important for small business owners to be prepared for weather events and other potential disasters in order to keep their people safe, mitigate risks to their assets and maintain business continuity. Maintaining business continuity is often important not just for the business but also for its employees and the broader community that it serves.

If you are a business owner and have a business continuity plan, you should review it periodically and also in advance of predicted severe weather events.  If you do not already have a business continuity plan,  you can read more here.  Your local SBDC advisor can help you start developing a plan for your business or put you in contact with one of our Certified Business Continuity Professionals.

While no one wants to have to be prepared, according to FEMA , 40-60% of small businesses fail to re-open after a disaster and 90% of small businesses fail within a year of re-opening if they were unable to re-open within 5 days. Being prepared for weather and other events, and following a plan that has been kept up-to-date, can make all the difference to a small business’s ability to survive.

Additional resources to help with preparedness and business continuity:

• the FEMA publication Every Business Should Have a Plan

• additional planning tools for businesses available through FEMA

• Ready.Gov  tips for preparing for various types of weather events

At the Kansas SBDC, our advisors help small businesses with a wide range of planning needs so that they can not only start but also can endure and grow because the success and survival of small businesses is integral to the well-being of our local communities.

Laurie Pieper, Ph.D.

Business Advisor

Washburn University SBDC

America’s SBDC Kansas

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