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Congratulations to Sugar Creek Country Store on Your Emerging Business Award!

Congratulations to Sugar Creek Country Store on its Kansas SBDC Emerging Business of the Year Award from the WU KSBDC! Awards are given on the basis of a new business’s being a successful business, having overcome hurdles to get there and being … Continue reading

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Kansas SBDC Cybersecurity Forum

On April 25, 2018, the Kansas SBDC is putting on a Cybersecurity Forum in Manhattan, KS. Small businesses are increasingly targets of cyberattacks, with 60% of those going out of business within 6 months and the average cost of recovery … Continue reading

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Employee Retention for Trades and Construction Companies: Hire Right, Manage Well, Reward & Look Forward

The costs to a company of high turnover in skilled employees can be significant, affecting both gross revenues and expenses. Recently, one of our advisors from the Kansas SBDC sent out a request to the rest of us for suggestions … Continue reading

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Cutting Through The Noise

Modern marketing is interesting. While many people will argue that it’s evolving and becoming technologically advanced, it still usually rests on the tenants of impressions and exposure at its roots. 4,000 ads a day, that’s what most sources will say … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Marketing Resolution

New Year’s Day has come and gone and so has the dreaded resolution that accompanies it.  According to a study by the University of Scranton, about 8% of people actually accomplish their goals by the end of the new year. … Continue reading

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So It’s Icy And You Work Retail, Now What?

I don’t know where you are sitting currently, but right now, I’m in the comfort of my own chair as the lovely ice rain slush junk comes down outside. However, I worked retail in high school, and similar to the … Continue reading

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They’ve Got It All, Right?

I’m still full. I know that’s an odd way to open up a business blog, but stick with me here. During the Christmas season, our family travels to 37.6 destinations to eat, drink, be merry, and eat again. In the … Continue reading

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